Lady Gaga Reaches Out to More Fans With World Tour Plan

I'm not the world's biggest Lady Gaga fan—hell, I'm probably not even my neighborhood's biggest Gaga fan—but I have to admit, she certainly deserves every bit of her astronomical rise to fame. Love her or hate her, her relentless contributions to music, video, and fashion (not to mention her humanitarian causes) prove she's one of the hardest-working stars in show business today.

At just 25, she's already one of the best-selling musicians of all time, but it looks like she's out to break another record. According to reports, Lady Gaga is expected to announce a jaw-droppingly massive tour in 2012, one that will include an unprecedented 450 concerts worldwide over a two-year period.


Okay, I'm not super great at math, but ... uh, let's see, divide by 730 ... anyway, that's a shitload of concerts. In addition to working on a new album and supporting her charity causes and doing media appearances and receiving awards and strategizing her many otherworldly fashion choices. Can she possibly keep up that kind of pace for two entire years?

The rumor is that she's angling to beat U2's record for the highest-grossing and most attended tour in history, by taking her shows to every corner of the globe. An "inside source" has revealed that she plans to start the tour in Asia and India, and that the idea came to her in a dream:

As is always the case with Gaga, the plans came to her in her sleep. She has a target of 450 dates. It has never been done before, but she doesn't think that's a reason not to try.

Normally I'd call bullshit on mysterious sources leaking top-secret info like this, but in Gaga's case, I totally buy it. Apparently she recently disclosed that she's already begun work on the stage design tour, and hinted that there were big plans underway. Plus, if you're going to attempt the biggest tour in history, you've got to do it when you're at the top of your game, right? Given her fame and youth, it seems like it's the perfect time for her to try something like this—except maybe for the part where the insane amount of work involved will surely age her beyond her years and leave her a burned-out husk with blown vocal cords and a visible eyelid twitch.

Still, if anyone can pull it off, I'm sure she can. Her worldwide Monster's Ball tour was a major success ($227 million from 200 shows), and Gaga seems uninterested in slowing down any time soon. In a culture that continually churns out celebrities for the ability to behave badly on a reality show, Lady Gaga's work ethic is pretty damn impressive.

If she really manages that many performances over the next two years, I think she deserves her own Wheaties box cover, don't you? And maybe a really, really long nap.

Do you think it's a good idea for Lady Gaga to attempt a 450-concert tour?

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