Ex Mrs. Sheen Brooke Mueller Gets Arrested Without Charlie's Help

Brooke Mueller
Brooke Mueller's mugshot
Turns out, Brooke Mueller, the ex-Mrs. Charlie Sheen and mom to 2-year-old twins Max and Bob, doesn't need her bad boy ex-husband to find trouble. Or, as it looks right now, to find cocaine or a bar fight either. Yep, Mueller got herself arrested last night inside a Aspen nightclub called Escobar. She was allegedly popped for cocaine possession and assault of a woman in another nearby drinking hotspot.

It's been awhile since Charlie ditched his Goddesses and he and Brooke hooked up in August for that post-divorce getaway to Mexico that resembled a possible reconciliation. During that time Sheen said Mueller was "more sober and healthy" than he'd ever seen her. Unfortunately, with this latest arrest news, it doesn't look like her sober, healthy times lasted.


Charlie Sheen got a lot of flack, as he totally should have, after the alleged knife-wielding domestic violence incident against Mueller two years ago, the incident that ultimately led to the couple's divorce. However, Mueller's ongoing drug troubles and now this arrest definitely go to prove she's got her own eye for trouble and ample problems of her very own to fix.

As mom to two very young sons, it's way past time for Mueller to start taking her drug troubles seriously. It's time for a long stint in a good rehab. We've seen this before in celebrity land, and we'll see it again. Let's just hope for Mueller and her kids' sakes that she ends up with one of the happy endings.

Are you surprised that Brooke Mueller was arrested?


Image via Aspen Police Department

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