Mindy McCready Appears to Have Lost Her Mind

Mindy McCreadyCountry singer Mindy McCready has kicked her custody battle drama up a notch, and a scary one at that. From an outsider's perspective, it really appears that she may have lost her dang mind. This week, after unlawfully taking off with her 5-year-old son Zander during a visit (her mother Gayle Inge has custody) and leaving the state of Florida, she popped up again online, saying she and Zander were safe and sound, in her home in Nashville, Tennessee, telling fans not to worry, and giving statements that her son was being abused in her mother's care (which her mother vehemently denies). Apparently, she was also trying to negotiate custody via Skype.

Then, despite being court ordered to return her son to her mom in Florida, McCready refused, saying she was pregnant with twins (!!!) and couldn't travel. Seems crazy enough, huh?

Oh no, the story's just getting rolling now ...


Turns out, McCready and her son weren't in Tennessee at all. In fact, late last night, authorities found McCready and her son hiding in a closet -- in a home in Heber Springs, Arkansas! What the ... ?

So Zander was taken into custody, and we can just imagine how confused and frightened the boy is after being pulled out of a closet by police, away from his mom, and then taken into police custody. Ultimately, he will be returned to his grandmother and legal guardian in Florida.

Mindy's mom and stepfather told CNN:

We feel sorrow for Zander because he's traumatized, and for Mindy. We just hope she does the right thing from here on out and that this is a wake-up call for her.

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This is just such a sad situation because clearly McCready, in her thinking, is doing everything she can for her son's safety. But let's just say her son is somehow unsafe with his grandmother and step-grandfather, how is this turn of events going to ultimately help him? McCready hasn't been charged but she surely could be and probably will be to some degree. Not to mention, she probably scared the bejesus out of her child and her loved ones by acting so erratically. It is even being reported that McCready, who's had her share of very public addiction and emotional issues, texted her half-brother and threatened that she would never see her mother again. That's scary stuff! We've all seen how these stories can end.

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McCready is clearly not thinking straight or acting in the best interest of her children -- Zander and the twins she's carrying. She could have ended up in jail, and might still, for all the illegal crap she's pulling. Doesn't she get that? Clearly she doesn't seem to and that's where the problem lies.

For now, let's breathe a sigh of relief that Zander is in custody and maybe now McCready can get the help she clearly needs.

What do you think of Mindy McCready's behavior?


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