Michelle Trachtenberg Couldn’t Replace Kristen Stewart (as Rob’s Girlfriend or Otherwise)

michelle trachtenbergMichelle Trachtenberg. If you're anything like me, you know the name, you can picture her face, but you're not really sure how you know her. Kristen Stewart, on the other hand, we know close to everything about her -- her age, her relationship status, how well she and her mom get along, and her entire filmography is ingrained in our minds. But! It could've been oh so different. It's hard to imagine Twilight any other way, but Michelle recently told Us Weekly that she could easily have been Bella. Well now. That changes everything.

Michelle joked that she was up for a role in Twilight because "there are only so few pale girls in Hollywood" (ha!), but it sounds to me like she had a viable shot at starring in the movie.


She and Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke go back a few -- they worked on the movie Thirteen together and Michelle explains that because of her schedule, she was never able to commit to being in the vampire saga that's changed our lives.

Maybe it's because I don't like change, but I cannot for the life of me picture anyone other than KStew as Bella. Her permanent grimace, her vulnerability yet strength is something Kristen really brings to life in Bella. I can't say Michelle wouldn't have done an amazing job, but I think the casting directors made the right choice.

If Michelle had gotten the role, do you think she would be dating Robert Pattinson? No, right? I can't tell. This is kind of like when I read that Jessica Biel almost got the role that Rachel McAdams got in The Notebook and I couldn't sleep for two weeks. Would Jessica be dating Ryan Gosling? Would I then be dating Justin Timberlake? It's all so complicated.

Even though I wasn't consulted on these casting decisions, I'm glad that the right woman was chosen for both roles. Sounds like Michelle isn't bitter, either. She's got a great part on Gossip Girl and having starred in Buffy, she'd "already done the vampire thing." I can't speak for Jessica Biel, but she's got JTimbs. And I think she's done some movies? Not sure.

Do you think Michelle Trachtenberg would've made a good Bella Swan?


Photo via Michael N. Todaro/Getty

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