'Law & Order' Star Joins 'True Blood' As Mystery Character

chris meloniCalling all Truebies: Breaking casting news! Reportedly all lined up to join the cast of True Blood Season 5? Chris Meloni of Law & Order: SVU! But the big question remains ... which character is he going to play??

Fans of the Charlaine Harris series True Blood is based on (The Southern Vampire Mysteries for those of you who don't know, even though all of you do know) are pretty sure there's only one answer to that question ...


Quinn the Weretiger, of course! Who else could Meloni play but Sookie's next love interest? As a friend of mine put it, "He ain't no fae!" Definitely not. Nor would he be just a plain old human, and there aren't any other vampires in the series who fit the bill ...

Ah, but what if Meloni's character isn't in the series? Rumor has it that among the Season 5 roles HBO was auditioning for is a vampire by the name of Dieter Braun, who -- get this -- is a member of The Authority.

The Authority?!?!?!

As Lafayette would say, "Next time, text a motherf**ker or somethun' and save us all a world of worry!"

Well, not exactly. (I just love that line, don't you?) The "world of worry" part is accurate, though. The Authority is the group of big shot vamps who were out to get Bill and Eric at the end of Season 4, remember?

I have to say, I do think Meloni would be rather perfect as a bloodsucking enforcer of ... law and order.

Which character do you think Chris Meloni will play on True Blood?


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