Gwyneth Paltrow Is Influential Even to Her Haters

gwyneth paltrowIf I were on the deciding committee of one of those "end of the year" lists, I swear, I'd be fired, because, clearly, I've got it all wrong. First, the Kardashians wind up on Barbara Walters' 2011 list of the "Most Fascinating People," and now Gwyneth Paltrow winds up on GQ's "Least Influential People of 2011" list. Up is down. Down is up. I don't know what's happening anymore. Where am I?

According to StarPulse, the editors at GQ chose this list by selecting "celebrities who've failed to contribute something of 'value' to the world." Paltrow made the cut by "unleashing her awful cookbook on the world."

I certainly don't claim to be president of the Gwyneth Paltrow fan club, but really? Weren't there celebrities who contributed less than her?


I know Gwyneth Paltrow can be annoying -- hell, I've blogged about her being annoying, but ... not everybody feels this way. In fact, I have friends -- perfectly normal friends -- who think her cookbook is just tops. That's influence whether we like it or not. And, sure, her lists of pretentious, totally unaffordable things are irritating to us, but to some high-falutin' person out there, they're useful.

I think if Gwyneth should wind up on any list this year, it should be a list of the "Most Unrelatable People." I don't think that exists, but if it did, she'd be perfectly suited for it. Most people can't relate to her, but those who do, well, I'm sure she's got some influence over them.

And then there's the influence she's had over the blogosphere. I mean, an innumerable amount of blog posts have been devoted to Paltrow and her obnoxious/insane/amazing ways this year -- be it if they were about her cookbook, her newsletter, or her Glee performances. I bet if you took away all the Internet scrawlings about Gwyneth Paltrow of 2011, half the web would be gone. Again, influence.

What do I know, though? I don't find the Kardashians interesting. Yet I do find them "non-influential." Like I said, I would be a terribly-suited person for such a job. Unless they wanted their lists to be right.

Who do you think the least influential celebrity of 2011 is?


Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty

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