'DWTS' Season 14 May Have Hit Jackpot With This Real STAR

Season 13 of Dancing With the Stars may have just ended, but the rumor mills are already buzzing about Season 14, and one old rumor that seems to come around every season is gaining traction. One star we all want to see on the show may finally make his appearance.

It seems like season after season, there is much speculation about one star in particular, and this season, it looks like he may finally do it. He was coy on Ellen DeGeneres the other day, but reading between the lines, it looks very real, indeed.

The big reveal comes after the jump ...


It's Stevie Wonder! The amazing musician and legend of soul may be the first cast member revealed for Season 14. On Wednesday, Ellen DeGeneres asked him when he was going to go on the show, and he said: “When I lose weight and get to where I want to be, we'll do it.”

Ellen then pointed out that everyone -- including Ricki Lake and Kirstie Alley -- loses weight on the show and Wonder got all cagey.

Got him!

Dancing With the Stars is one of the best shows on television because of how they celebrate diversity. Sports stars mingle with actors who mingle with singers and more. There are gay people, straight people, transgendered people, Republicans, and Democrats. Everyone dances together.

Stevie Wonder is a legend and he would be the first blind dancer on the show, which would make things even more interesting. Fingers crossed that this is more than just a rumor. Every season I love this show more and more.

Would you like to see Wonder on the show?


Image via ABC

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