Lady Gaga Crushes Madonna With 'Marry the Night' (VIDEO)

Watching 14 minutes of any musical artist is a lot to ask of an audience, yet that is exactly what Lady Gaga asks in her new video for "Marry the Night." And not since Michael Jackson's "Thriller" came out when I was just out of diapers have I been so willing to endure for an artist. Her new video is long and epic and yet it really works.

As with everything else Gaga does, the video pays homage to Madonna, replete with bedazzled jean jackets, pouty looks, and '80s hair. But she is so much cooler and harder than Madonna ever was. Gaga's passion and intensity are twice as strong, and her message is clearer and more vivid.

Where Madonna gave us party anthems, Gaga gives us her soul. See the video below:


Mother Monster says the video is about her first major disappointment, or "one of the worst days of my life." It was the day her first record label dropped her. As an aside, I bet they are kicking themselves hard right about now.

Of course, no one would sit through 14 minutes of boring talk with no purpose, and the song hit toward the end. It's a really great song. I am sure I will be adding it to my iPhone within the week. It has a great beat for running.

Lady Gaga may be some people's Madonna rip-off, but as someone who grew up on Madonna and has loved her for years, I actually think Gaga is far superior to Madonna. She manages to pay tribute to her while also surpassing her in talent and artistry.

The two might be similar and Gaga might be Madonna's heir, but Gaga is less pretentious than Madge. She wins every time, and while Madonna is a legend, Gaga's star is passing her more and more every day. 

Do you think Gaga is better than Madonna?


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