Kate Middleton & Prince William Are Joining Great Britain's Olympic Team

prince harry prince william kate middletonOne major perk of the 2012 Olympics being held in London? The neo-Camelot/royals for the 21st century -- Kate Middleton, Prince William, and Prince Harry -- will be there! And not just as spectators. Oh no, no! They've been brought on in an official capacity, as the glam newlyweds and their brother have been named official ambassadors for Britain's Olympic and Paralympic teams. They'll bring their royal star power to a group of 27 of the country's "most inspirational and accomplished Olympians" who were unveiled as ambassadors earlier this year. Right, so in other words, it's not just some fancypants title that has no real meaning behind it.

According to the palace, Kate, Wills, and Harry will "promote the importance of participation in Olympic and Paralympic sport and encourage greater awareness of the Olympic and Paralympic values." Basically, they're going to be cheerleaders for British and Northern Irish athletes ... which is not only awesome, but very fitting.


No, really, it's not like these three have nothing to contribute to the world of sports. They're all actually seasoned athletes.

Take Kate -- in school, she played tennis and hockey, and has been a member on various rowing teams. She also swam competitively. And we know Wills and Harry love polo. Wills is also the President of The Football Association and has been involved with rugby, basketball, and cross-country running. So, the trio are no slouches! They definitely deserve their ambassador titles. What's more, I can't think of anyone -- you know, besides the former Olympians themselves -- who is better suited to get Brits psyched about their athletes. It's surely an honor for them and a treat for the Brits -- a win-win that sets an exciting tone for next year's games! Can't wait to see how they play out.

Do you think Kate, Wills, and Harry will make great ambassadors for the Olympics?


Image via Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty

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