Pregnant Mindy McCready Is Risking Everything Right Now

I don't know about you, but I was sort of hoping that the next bit of news about Mindy McCready would be something utterly non-dramatic. After hearing that she had taken off with her 5-year-old son Zander and was under a judge's orders to return him by 5 p.m. today or risk being arrested, I had my fingers crossed that she'd quietly bring him back to Florida and her ongoing custody issues would be resolved in a civilized manner out of the public eye.

Instead, the story has taken a strange twist: McCready has announced that she's currently in Nashville with her son and probably won't be able to make the court-ordered deadline. Also, she's pregnant.

With twins.


According to police, McCready—who is allowed to visit her son, but lost custody in 2007—picked Zander up from her parents' house in Cape Coral without permission, which triggered a missing persons report from Florida's Department of Children and Families. Her mother, Gayle Inge, has legal custody of McCready's son, and McCready is saying that one of the reasons she took Zander is that he suffered abuse while living at his grandmother's home.

While Inge said the abuse allegations are "absolutely not true," McCready insists that her intent is to keep Zander safe:

I'm a mom first. No matter what happens, I'm going to protect my kid. If I have to go to jail, so be it.

The country singer, who has a history of addiction and suicide attempts, has also confirmed that she's pregnant with twins, and that her boyfriend, music producer David Wilson, is the father. Apparently she told the New York Daily News that she is five months pregnant, while she also told the Associated Press that she's nearly seven months along, so ... well, I'm not really sure what to make of that. Maybe she just got confused?

It sounds like she's been pretty busy giving statements to the press, actually, because she also sent an email to Access Hollywood denying that she kidnapped Zander:

I am working with lawyers to try to get all this straightened out. I did not steal my child, as it would be impossible for me to kidnap what already belongs to me! There never was any missing persons report and never an Amber Alert.

I'm not going to list all her personal troubles again, because all that stuff is pretty public and I honestly have no idea if her past has any bearing on what's going on with her right now, but suffice to say this whole thing is beyond tragic. Whatever's been happening in her life lately, I cannot imagine that being arrested for taking her son will make anything better. Her future as a parent—to Zander and her unborn children—certainly won't be improved by going back to jail, no matter how good her intent may be right now.

McCready turned 36 on Wednesday, and she told the AP:

I hope that for my birthday, I get my son forever.

Sadly, it doesn't sound like she's on the right path to making this happen.

What do you make of the latest news about Mindy McCready?

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