'Teen Mom 2' Jenelle Evans Gets Off Too Easily, Too Often

Just one week before the next season of Teen Mom 2 debuts, Jenelle Evans learned she won't be watching the show from the pokey. The troubled young mother managed to pass her drug test and narrowly escape jail. But it's not clear that's good thing.

Evans has been in trouble for so many transgressions, it's hard to keep track. Next week, as we begin the new season, we will really see those unfold since MTV's cameras were rolling through much of it. And we will also know the outcome.

Will Jenelle get better if she never pays for her crimes?


On Tuesday Evans tweeted:

And the judge congratulated me to being clean since August ;) and got drug tested at court and I passed of course. Probation got continued.

We often bash Jenelle here and it's easy to do. She has made enough mistakes for 20 teen moms. On the other hand, the truth is, if she were able to turn it all around and be a good mom to her son, a good daughter to her mom, and finish school and find herself a decent man, we would be the first to cheer.

No one wants to see continued misery and strife. On the other hand, it seems like the pattern is for Jenelle to keep on messing up and for her mother, the judge, the cops, and her probation officers all to give her second, third, and fourth chances. Maybe what would really straighten her out is to pay for what she has done.

Jenelle has had many near misses, but she has never really paid for much. When she got pregnant at 16, her mom took her baby son Jace. When she got caught with drugs, she got probation. When she broke into a home and got into fist fights, it was the same deal.

Over and over again, Jenelle messes up and someone else picks up the slack or cuts her a break. At a certain point, it's no favor to keep her out of jail.

For now, she is clean and that's great. But it doesn't seem like Jenelle can really get better until she has to truly pay the consequences for her actions, and right now, it seems that may never happen.

Do you think it's good she didn't go to jail?


Image via MTV

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