Miley Cyrus's Occupy Wall Street Video Doesn't Inspire Me

Aw, Miley Cyrus really, really wants us to know she's all grown up, now that she's all of 19 years old. After recently announcing to a crowd that she's, like, a huge f**kin' stoner, man (a comment her rep hilariously tried to explain as being "sarcastic" and "taken out of context"), apparently the drug controversy wasn't quite enough for her, because now she's courting political controversy with a video she released to her YouTube channel over the weekend.

In my opinion, there's nothing controversial about the video, which is a remix of "Liberty Walk" off her album Can't Be Tamed—except maybe for the idea that Miley Cyrus, girl billionaire, thinks a heavily auto-tuned pile of disco garbage has a shot at becoming some sort of anti-establishment anthem.


The new video for "Liberty Walk" does not include any images of Cyrus herself, but is made up of footage from various Occupy protests worldwide. As you might expect, there are lots of people holding signs, crowds marching, and more police beatings than you can shake a baton at. At the beginning of the video, a title page reads, "This is dedicated to the thousands of people who are standing up for what they believe in."

Here, take a look:

Perhaps not surprisingly, the video has angered some conservative one-time Cyrus fans, one of which wrote on her YouTube page:

Miley Cyrus is now banned from my house along with 30 other entertainment political wannabes. My kids are not allowed to have anything related to you or what you stand for.......and you know what? they actually said it to me that they lost interest in you and your cruddy music and movies and tv show.... Bah-bye Miley, get no more of my hard earned money you one percenter liar.

Oh man. No more overpriced Hanna Montana merchandise for THOSE kids. What a tragedy.

I guess I have to grudgingly hand it to Cyrus for making her support for OWS public, even though it was inevitable she'd piss off some of her fan base, but my god, this song is an abomination. There's just something really sad about taking footage of people being pepper sprayed and setting it to a house beat, you know?

Maybe this is Miley's way of saying it's time she's taken seriously, but it's so hard to do so when her behavior and music make it so incredibly clear she's still just a kid.

What do you think of the video?

Image via Flickr/philipnelson

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