The Secret to Kate Middleton's Style Finally Revealed

kate middletonI don't think Kate Middleton could stop being awesome if she tried. In addition to seeming like a lovely, kind, well-adjusted individual, the woman does not get it wrong when it comes to fashion. And there's a reason for that. She knows what works for her.

Take last night for instance. Duchess Catherine sent people into a frenzy, as usual, when she turned up at a party hosted by Queen Elizabeth in a simple, emerald green Mulberry dress.

Now, Kate looked stunning. But the thing is, she's worn simple green dresses before -- numerous times, actually. And she's also worn simple white dresses and simple black dresses. The public always eats them up, though. You know why? 'Cause you can't go wrong in a color that works for you, and they photograph fantastically to boot.


Google Image Kate Middleton right now. Go on, do it. (I'm talking about recent, Duchess Catherine-Kate, not pre-wedding Kate.) She's pretty much always wearing a solid-colored dress. Even her iconic engagement photo -- plain, navy blue dress. She found a repertoire of colors that look good with her complexion -- and she just goes with that. It's no-fail. And no-brain.

I'm a firm believer that every woman should have a few "go-to" outfit options. And I'm not just talking about your little black dress. I'm talking about a color that looks great on you (buy a scarf in that shade); a brand of jeans that fit you perfectly (buy a few pairs); or a dress cut that always works. When you wear these things -- these non-trendy things -- you know you'll always look good, and you know you'll never look back at photos in seven years and think, "Holy Lord, what was I thinking?"

If there's one style tip we can all pick up from the Duchess, let it be this: Know what works on you and wear it often. You don't need a princess's bank account to do this. You just need to figure out what you really like.

Do you have any "go-to" clothes?


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