Kris Jenner on 'DWTS' Could Be Family's Worst Decision

kris jennerJust when I think the Kardashians couldn't get any more ridiculous, they go and do something like this. There are now rumors circulating that mom/manager Kris Jenner is looking to join the cast of Dancing With the Stars. No. NO NO NO NO NO. I cannot, will not, stand for this! The last thing this family needs right now is more of the spotlight. And the person who should've realized this and taken control of her family's growing over-exposure is the one person who's supposedly trying to be on TV? Kris Jenner has officially lost her marbles.


According to Perez Hilton, a source close to the popular dance show says that the Kardashian name brings attention. And as the old saying goes, any publicity is good publicity. She'll be a polarizing force, but she'll draw in viewers nonetheless. Fine. I understand why DWTS would want her on the show, especially after son Rob did so well, but I cannot wrap my brain around why Kris would want to do the show.

Kim's "marriage" backfired, big time. You know Mama Kris had a lot to do with that public sham, that she was the one in the background tallying up the money as her face-lift wounds healed. She probably dabbed her fresh flesh scars with 100-dollar bills, soaking up the wet puss with money so prolific it's become like tissues to her. Where's her remorse?

Oh. Beg your pardon. She did go on the Today Show after Kim's divorce announcement to ... what? Oh, what you say? To promote her book?! Oh me oh my. This woman has no shame. Now I'm certain if she's given the offer to dress in glittery unitards and fart around on stage with a hunky partner, she's going to take it. She doesn't care about her family's future, she cares only about the here and the now and the money. As mother and as manager, you'd think she'd want to protect her family and their brand. But no. If the Kardashians were walking the line of complete and utter over-exposure before, Kris on DWTS will absolutely push them right over the edge.

And then what happens, Kris?

Do you think Kris Jenner should be on DWTS?


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