'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Recap: Maloof Hoof vs. The Vander Pump

Adrienne Maloof and Lisa VanderpumpWell, things certainly would have been a lot more interesting tonight on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills if Brandi Glanville had gone ahead with her little idea for a get-together in which a stripper taught the women how to give "BJs." Given the intended group, a shocked Kyle Richards nixed that, however, so we were left with the Maloof Hoof vs. the Vander Pump (i.e., Adrienne Maloof versus Lisa Vanderpump) as the main event of amusement tonight.

Adrienne hosted a fashion show that was all built up to showcase her new stripper shoe line (or maybe they just looked like stripper shoes?), only no one actually saw the shoes because the dresses were so long. Oh well, it was for charity, and another excuse for them to all get together and set the stage for drama.


The drama was pretty dismal tonight though. The biggest issue -- Adrienne was still pissed that Pandora is having her bachelorette party at a hotel other than The Palms in Las Vegas. She didn't waste a second confronting Lisa when she walked into the event either. Lisa tried to explain that it was a long-time friend who offered to host it at his hotel, and that she would have felt like she was imposing by asking anyway. Legit points, I'd say, but she still could have at least given her a courtesy heads up. Plus she had to get in some dig about her wine not being used in Adrienne's hotel.

Adrienne wasn't appeased. Tension has run high between the two ladies all season, and I'm not sure what the real source of it is, but there seem to be no signs of it dying anytime soon. If Adrienne isn't careful, she's not going to get one of those fancy box invitations to Pandora's wedding either. (Just an aside: What would one actually do with a box like that after receiving it?)

The scenes that showed Russell and Taylor Armstrong's marriage counseling sessions and them working on their marriage were just eerie. We really didn't need to see them, given what we know now. The most chilling moment was when Russell said during a therapy session, “Nothing in this marriage has been so damaging that neither one of us can recover.” Chills.

There was a brief exchange at the fashion show between Camille Grammer and Taylor, who hadn't seen each other since the tea party, but nothing happened ... yet. In an unexpected move, they did the mature thing and agreed to talk later. The fact that Camille and Brandi are becoming all chummy could either help diffuse that situation or pour more fuel on it -- I'm not sure which yet. Kim Richards was predictably absent again.

Overall, it was a tame episode, though previews promise plenty of action to come. If Bravo ever really wants to spice things up, they need to get Brandi and Phaedra Parks from The Real Housewives of Atlanta together. What a party they would throw together.

Which side are you on -- Adrienne Maloof or Lisa Vanderpump? What did you think of Brandi's party idea?

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