'Dexter' Twist Was Totally Shocking & Purely Genius

I take back everything I said about Dexter Season 6. This show is pure genius and just keeps getting better. Sunday night's twist was so totally unexpected, I was floored.

Did anyone else see it coming?

For those not in the know, I will give spoilers* after the jump (*warning: stop reading if you haven't watched!). Suffice it to say that one character we've spent the last few episodes getting to know is actually not who we thought at all ... SPOILERS ahead.


Travis is evil. His dark passenger is every bit as pronounced as Dexter's, and the light, sweet man we thought we have known all season actually doesn't exist. Travis is the only Doomsday Killer. And even scarier? Gellar is dead, locked in a freezer below the church.

It was like a modern day Psycho moment and was, perhaps, what people felt when they first saw Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece back in 1960. Of course, when I saw it, I had known for years that Norman's mom was long dead and her body was rotting in the house.

This I didn't see coming.

When Dexter opened the freezer and saw Gellar inside, my brain actually took a few minutes to even process the situation. Gellar, the one I have been hating all season, doesn't even exist, at least not in physical, alive form anyway.

It ties everything in the season together in such a genius way. My fears at the beginning of the season had been that Dexter would suddenly see the light and turn to religion. In fact, he will likely now do the opposite. He has seen that what he had hoped for -- to kill Travis' dark passenger -- is actually impossible. Travis was dark all along.

Suddenly, it all makes sense, too. Travis killed his own sister, though. That, in itself, is chilling. But all those struggles we saw between Gellar and Travis were all internal. It's so much clearer.

This season has been all about the lightness and the darkness and I was so fearful they would end on an upbeat note, citing the light in Dexter. Though his character has evolved in depth and understanding, the show did all its fans a massive favor Sunday night. It stayed true to its core. 

Darkness, my friend. The dark passenger is here to stay. Amen.

Did you see the twist coming?


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