Ryan Gosling, Paris & 5 Other Clues Eva Mendes Wants Us to Hate Her

Eva Mendes Ryan Gosling Paris
Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling canoodle in Paris
I'm just kidding. I don't HATE Eva Mendes and neither should you. I mean, just because amazing actor, major hottie, romantic feminist Ryan Gosling (just kidding about the feminist part ... maybe ... ) took a jet plane to Paris for a sweet date with the actress, that's no reason to hate her. Oh no, this is no reason at all.

But, if you need a reason, Eva has lined up five more incredible heartbreakers that, especially when paired with the facts above, will totally enroll you in HATIN' ON EVA MENDES 101.


Okay, so not only did Ryan Gosling, who I thought was MY boyfriend, jet to Paris for a date with Eva Mendes, but check this out:

1. They were seen smiling and holding hands. OMG, she is totally begging the world to hate her.

2. They enjoyed an Argentinian dinner together. Ryan and Argentinian food all in one night. Double yum.

3. They toured the Pere-Lachaise cemetery, no doubt, paying homage to the dearly departed Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison. Sure, I've been there but not with Ryan Gosling!

4. Then they visited the underground Catacombs of Paris. Um, UNDERGROUND IN PARIS WITH RYAN GOSLING! Are you freakin' kidding me? Is Ms. Mendes stealing from the pages of my very own diary!? The answer is yes.

5. There was "a lot of tenderness between them," said an observer. It's like a stake in the heart, Eva. Seriously?

Oh, Eva, hate ya guts (kiss, kiss), but that's what you're going for, right?

Is Eva Mendes driving you to hate her?


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