Jennifer Lopez’s Family-Free Thanksgiving Is a Holiday Inspiration

jennifer lopezAs if the glitter get-up wasn't enough, Jennifer Lopez has proven to us once again that she's the coolest person alive. While most of us were trying to feed the overcooked turkey to the dog, arguing with our cousins about Occupy Wall Street, and dashing to the grocery store at the last minute to pick up some godforsaken cauliflower for our sister who suddenly announced she'd like to have that mashed up instead of potatoes because she's on the South Beach Diet and you should be really happy for her because she's finally in a good place, J. Lo was soaking up some rays in Hawaii. With her new boyfriend. Who's like, half her age. With blue tropical drinks. In a poolside cabana. Thousands of miles away from her family. Good god am I jealous.


This whole time I thought Thanksgiving was about friends and family and being thankful and whatnot, but you know something? It's not really working for me. What is working for me is J. Lo's interpretation of the holiday. Screw family. Forget friends. And those people who make you run that damn 5K the morning of the feast can stuff it. Turkey day is less about eating a bird and expressing gratitude than it is about getting the hell out of dodge for a little fun in the sun with a cute boy toy. J. Lo's thought of everything.

According to People, Ms. Lopez, 42, and dancer boyfriend Casper Smart, 24, spent the long weekend in Kauai, Hawaii enjoying a little R&R. They've supposedly been dating for a few weeks now and the relationship seems to be going strong. I don't care what happens with them, all I care about right now is how to pull this move off for Christmas. I could use a tropical vacation with Casper in Hawaii. Or anyone. Just in Hawaii. Not at home. With the cauliflower. And dry meat. Please. No.

If you could, would you escape from it all during the holidays?


Photo via eyes master/Flickr

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