Kate Gosselin Shouldn't Talk About Her Facelift at Work

kate gosselinKate Gosselin has gotten more and more attractive ever since she divorced dirtbag extraordinaire Jon Gosselin and, subsequently, became a tabloid/media fixture. She grew out her hair (had a brief foray with extensions); clearly owns some sort of spray-tanning machine; lost a bunch of weight; and had a face-lift. Oh, wait, that last part isn't true. At least according to Kate and CouponCabin, the site she blogs for, it isn't.

The rumor mill has been working overtime these days. And it's gunning for Gosselin. Gossip sites and tabloids everywhere are claiming -- via before and after photos -- that some anesthesia and a sharpened scalpel are responsible for Kate's new vibrant, youthful appearance. But Kate, like the good celebrity that she is, is all, "No, they're not. I just get a lot of rest with my eight kids."

Sure you are, sweetie. We all are.


Now, do I think Kate had a balls to the wall face-lift? No, I do not. But I do think that she's gotten some Botox here and some Juvederm there. And that's fine, I don't give a rat's. Sister looks great. The only thing I have a problem with is her using her "job" as a platform to address these rumors.

Remember a little while ago, when Kate was mourning the cancellation of her show, Kate Plus 8? And she was all, "I just need a job to support my kids and the giant house they live in"? Yeah, well, it was great that she got one, right? I mean, blogging for CouponCabin may not be as glamorous as, say, her own talk show, but I'm sure it helps with the bills. Awesome!

Soooo, being that Kate's a public figure, I don't see why she's taken to her "work" blog as a means to get her side of the story out. Kate recently wrote on the CouponCabin blog: "With all of the buzz about me having had a facelift, I will confirm that I have not had one (I am only 36!!!) I will take all of the talk about how rested and young I look as a compliment! So thanks!" Use your own blog or Twitter or Facebook; call Us Weekly. Why mix your personal life with your professional one? Remember, you were so happy to get a job to support your family? Why jeopardize that?

Guess we can only chalk this up to the ol' adage: You can take the blogger out of the reality show, but you can't take the reality show out of the blogger. Or something like that.

Do you think Kate should be using her new job as means to "air her dirty laundry"?


Image via TLC

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