Kris Humphries Plays the Sucker on 'Kourtney and Kim Take New York'

kardashians take new yorkPoor Kris Humphries. Now that we get to see his marriage to Kim Kardashian implode before our very eyes like a short-lived, white-hot star that burned brightly only to explode like a supernova and then collapse into a black hole that sucks us all into its continuously unfolding saga (gasp!), I am almost starting to pity Kris. According to the New York Post, Kim has editorial control of all the footage for Kourtney and Kim Take New York, and she intends to spin it so Kris ends up looking like the bad guy.

But Kris should have seen it coming. The show is called Kourtney and Kim Take New York, not Kris Humphries Tells His Side to the World. No matter who is most at fault (and it's usually impossible to say), OF COURSE the show is going to be edited to make Kris look worse than Kim. And you know what, Kris Humphries? YOU SIGNED UP FOR THIS RIDE. So no whining.


That's right. No one forced you to marry Kim Kardashian, Reality TV Star. That was all your doing. If you found all the publicity events and the neat-freak nitpicking so awful, you could have NOT married the woman. You knew what she was all about. The right guy would be able to accept Kim for who she is: She loves the spotlight. She hates seeing socks on the floor. Neither of those things is going to change just because she's married.

I think the Naked Yoga Guy was a little trickier to handle. Obviously Kris would want to uphold his manliness and his status as Kim's husband in front of the cameras -- but the lame and predictable way to do that is to go all caveman on your woman. Boring choice, Kris! A real man might have just laughed it off and said, "Yeah, Naked Yoga Guy, you've got nothing on these dancing pecs! Check out THIS Standing Warrior."

But not only did Kris freak out at Naked Yoga Guy, he told Kim she could no longer live with Kourtney. Dude, never come between sisters, let alone Kardashian sisters! If Kim and Kourtney aren't Taking New York together, there is no show.

Obviously the Kardashians are provocative and eccentric. They have extreme personalities. And sure, Kim is an over-reactor. If she were a calm, reasonable person, she would be narrating animal documentaries on PBS. But Kris is acting so naive on the show! I think the real reason Kim decided to divorce Kris is because he's just not savvy enough to keep up with her. Maybe husband #3 will be sharper.

Do you think Kris comes across as too naive on Kourtney & Kim Take New York?

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