Kate Middleton Paid to Have Crooked Teeth (PHOTO)

kate middletonSo, this was news to me, but apparently, Kate Middleton has much nicer teeth now that she's been named a Duchess. Sure, I'd seen photos of Kate pre-royal makeover, but I never really took notice of her pearly whites (or unpearly whites). But now that the Daily Mail (who else?) brought it to my attention -- with photographic evidence to boot -- I see it.

The Mail, diligent news corporation that they are, was also kind enough to report what exactly Duchess Catherine had done to her teeth -- and who the "French dentistry expert" is behind them. As ridiculous and trivial as this crap can be, I must say, this tidbit is pretty fascinating.


The man responsible for Kate's Smile 2.0 is a man named Didier Fillion, and he apparently performed something on the Duchess called micro-rotations, which produces "something which is natural." Dr. Fillion's friend and fellow dentist said, "You know why they look so good? Because they are not absolutely aligned." You know what? He's right!

Too often celebrities and ol' regular folk try to look perfect. (As of right now) I call it the Dancing With the Stars look: Perfect white, straight teeth; a golden tan; hair that doesn't have a strand out of place. It doesn't look good to me. It actually looks kind of creepy and Barbie-esque. It's like a bunch of real-life airbrushed people walking around. So not chic.

If you're going to go and have some sort of cosmetic surgery or dentistry, do you. I won't judge. But do yourself a favor, don't ask for whatever you're having done to look "perfect." Be it your boobs, your nose, or your teeth. It'll just wind up looking weird. And painfully obvious.

I feel the same way about clothes and hair, too. I've never been a fan of the "totally impeccable" look. I like when hair's a little messy; eyeliner's the teensiest bit smudged; and clothes are the slightest bit "undone." It looks real to me. And, dagnabbit, it looks sexy.

So, smart move avoiding the "perfect smile" smile, Duchess C. I like your style and totally would've done the same thing.

Do you like to look "perfect"?


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