Prince William Is Ready to Be King of England

prince williamOh, Prince William, you really are a real-life Prince Charming. Early yesterday, while we were all still deep in the slumber of a three-day food coma, Prince William was busy saving lives. The Duke of Cambridge, or Flight Lt. William Wales as he's known in Britain's Royal Air Force, took part in the rescue of Russian sailors whose ship sank in the Irish Sea. He co-piloted a helicopter, which rescued two of the crew members who were shipwrecked. Five sailors still remain missing; the body of one was discovered.

Couple things here: One, um, hi, could there possibly be a man better suited to be king? He's well-spoken, kind, intelligent, and he saves lives. It's like he literally walked out of a Disney cartoon. And, two, methinks, Prince Sexypants is probably a bit embarrassed today, as his photo -- and his photo alone -- is plastered all over tabloids with words like "hero" accompanying it. I mean, there were other people involved with the mission ...


I mean, I get it. He's Prince William. The man sells papers. But I'm sure there's a part of him  that feels, well, sort of weird when stuff like this happens -- even though he's used to all this hullabaloo. Check out the Daily Mail article that ran, if you will. They make it seem like Prince William is literally the only person involved in saving these men's lives. There are dramatic (and, okay, hot) close-up photos of Wills in uniform checking buttons and whatnot in the helicopter, and descriptive phrases like "raging seas" are strewn throughout. Not your typical Air Force reporting.

And I'm sure Wills -- and his colleagues -- are used to it. Just like when Prince Harry does anything with the British Army. They're going to get attention. But it has to be a wee bit awkward come the next day when there's barely a mention of any of the other men who took part in the very same rescue mission.

Prince William, how do you do it?

Do you think Prince William gets "embarrassed" by all the attention he gets?



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