Miley Cyrus Reveals What's Really in Her Bong (VIDEO)

Kelly Osbourne and Miley CyrusRemember the whole big deal that blew up last year when a video of Miley Cyrus huffing from a bong went viral. Relax, it's just salvia -- legal, but trippy, salvia -- she assured us. For this year's birthday celebration, however, she revealed that she may have indeed moved on to some stronger stuff, or (gasp!) that she might not have been telling the whole truth in the past.

At a party to celebrate her 19th birthday in Hollywood last week, there was plenty of "madness and craziness," including a unicorn walking around the joint. But what has created the most, uh ... buzz, is a video obtained by The Daily in which the former Hannah Montana star gave some insight into one of her favorite hobbies.


When presented with her cake, she said:

You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much f***in’ weed.

Party planner and friend Kelly Osbourne totally busted her, and replied, "I thought salvia was your problem, man?"

Touche, Kelly, and no wonder you thought the unicorn would be such a nice trippy touch. Watch the exchange for yourself.

So I guess now we know. I'm sure there will now be another big outrage that Miley is a bad example for kids around the world, and good lord, they will all turn into potheads now. She was once on Disney, for goodness' sake.

Honestly, it would be great if she wouldn't flaunt her penchant for pot in this manner, if for no other reasons than her health and the fact that it is illegal and police may be more alert around her concert bus now. But as far as the whole role model thing, meh, I don't really think she owes us anything.

As parents, we can't expect anyone in Hollywood to be role models for our children, because the fact is that they -- like our children -- make mistakes and will continue to do so. It's up to us to instill the right messages to temper what they get everywhere from Hollywood to their homeroom classmates. We can't erase all the wrong messages out there, no matter how hard we try. What we can do is try to send stronger right ones and hope they get through to them.

As Cyrus told Harper's Bazar earlier this year:

My job isn’t to tell your kids how to act or how not to act because I’m still figuring that out for myself. To take that away from me is a bit selfish. Your kids are going to make mistakes whether I do or not. That’s just life.

Some, like Taylor Swift, may disagree, and good for her and her pure ways, but I think she overestimates her responsibility -- or at least the amount of responsibility I want to put on any celebrity for the well being of my children. She recently told 60 Minutes: “I think it’s my responsibility to know it and to be conscious of it. It would be really easy to say I’m 21 now, I do what I want. You raise your kids! But it’s not the truth of it. The truth of it is-  every singer out there with songs on the radio is raising the next generation.”

If that's the truth, then I'm scared.

What do you think of Miley Cyrus's comments about being a stoner? Do you think she owes it to kids to be a role model?

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