Another 'Idol' Botches Star Spangled Banner & Makes America Cringe

Lauren Alaina national anthem

Why do all these American Idol performers keep botching the heck out of the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner? This from a show that boasts the word "American" in its title. It's getting so bad that the show should start making all finalists pass a national anthem test before they are allowed to progress to the next round. The latest performer to join the ranks of Christina Aguilera and co-Idol Scotty McCreery is Lauren Alaina, Season 10 runner up, during yesterday's Lions/Packers game. Was it just a case of nerves? Overconfidence to the point she thought she knew it so well, but when the time came she realized she didn't? You can't chalk up stopping dead in the middle of the Twilight's last gleaming part entirely to nerves because she got something else very wrong as well ...


It's not "through the Twilight's last gleaming."

It's "AT the Twilight's last gleaming."

I don't understand. Everyone in America has has has these eight lines ingrained into their brains since kindergarten. And if they didn't, I would seriously reconsider approving your school budget next year, because something is seriously wrong with what they are teaching your children. And they only make you memorize the first stanza -- there are actually three more to the original song. Alaina was signing the national anthem at an NFL football game on Thanksgiving, of all times! Least she could have done is given herself a little refresher, googled or wiki'd it to prevent this from happening:

I was truly embarrassed for Alaina but I was even more embarrassed for all the military people the cameras flashed to during her rendition. (Which by the way, she did sing beautifully. If she had managed to get the words right it would have been an amazing performance.) What must have been going through their minds at the sound of it.

So many people take what our military men and women do for us and our country every single day for granted. The very least we can do for them and for our country is to get these lyrics right. It's not only a sign of respect and patriotism, it's a sign of pride in who we are and what we stand for as Americans.

Everyone makes mistakes, but to see it happen so many times means clearly this is a chronic problem. I bet these Idol stars practice their numbers for the show a lot more than they do our national anthem, and that needs to change. When they sing our anthem they represent not just themselves or a football game, they represent us. All of us. They need to get it right.

Does hearing a singer botch the words to the National Anthem make you cringe too?


Image and video via hello2point0/YouTube

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