11 Reasons 'The Muppets' Movie Isn't Just for Kids (VIDEO)

muppet movieHey everybodeeeeeeeee, the Muppets are back with a new movie! I am so excited about this movie I can't even tell you -- no, actually I can tell you. I've been following the Muppets ever since my childhood, watched every episode of The Muppet Show and every Muppet movie. I still cry every time I hear "Rainbow Connection" -- big, fat, sappy, nostalgic tears.

The Muppets opens this weekend and to be perfectly honest, I'm almost looking forward to seeing it EVEN MORE than eating Thanksgiving dinner. It's been 6 long years since the last Muppet movie (The Muppets' Wizard of Oz), far too long if you ask me. Let me count the reasons why I think this movie will be spectacular.



  1. It's a passion project. First of all, we need to remember who made this movie possible: Jason Segal. Now that he's a big comedy star, Jason could have made another one of those man-child movies all the other guys are making these days. But Jason had a dream: to bring the Muppets back! He says he cried when he first met Kermit -- AWWWWW!!! I am so crushing on Jason Segal right now on account of his Muppet love.
  2. Fart shoes!
  3. Cameos! This is one of my favorite things about Muppet movies -- the silly roles played by stars. Remember Jeffrey Tambor in Muppets From Space? (Anyone? Anyone? Moving right along...) This time we have Selena Gomez, James Carville, Jack Black, Sarah Silverman, Zach Galifianakis, Emily Blunt, and Neil Patrick Harris, just to name a few. Bet you never, ever expected to see "Selena Gomez" and "James Carville" together in the same sentence, let in alone the same movie.
  4. It's not in 3D! THANK YOU DISNEY STUDIOS for sparing us from yet another gaudy, ridiculous, 3D, CG thingy. 
  5. A pig dancing with shrimp! What a coincidence, that's also my favorite dish!
  6. Best role ever for Amy Adams! Or at least since Enchanted. She's at her bright-eyed and breathless best here. Plus, she can sing, remember?
  7. The reviewers love it! Entertainment Weekly says it's the best-reviewed movie of 2011
  8. A new song by Bret McKenzie of Fight of the Conchords -- oh my god, something else I really miss! The show's director, James Bobin, directs The Muppets, too.
  9. Singing chickens! Coincidentally another favorite dish mine.
  10. They sing "Rainbow Connection!" Miss Piggy says she sings it with Kermit. It's my favorite Muppet song, next to that other Muppet classic...
  11. Mahna mahna! Go over to the website and you can record yourself yelling "MAHNA MAHNA!" Your little cameo will show up on their "Mahna Mahna" loop. 


Are you exited about The Muppets? Wait, what am I saying -- tell us ALL the reasons why you're excited about The Muppets!


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