'DWTS' Finale Recap: Ricki Lake Leads Major Upset

Season 13 of Dancing With the Stars has had some of the most shocking moments of any season I have watched. But the finale was the first episode I have ever actually gasped while watching.

Ricki Lake -- the one I believed was going to win the whole season -- came in third. Third! And then it was down to two. The Twitter-verse erupted. Many people were furious that JR Martinez, a true hero and veteran, was being pitted against Rob Kardashian, who is sweet but hasn't exactly had to triumph over much in his life.

As the minutes ticked down and all the dancers from the season took the stage, there were some poignant moments. Both Chynna Phillips and Kristin Cavallari were early picks as winners and both went home in major upsets. They both danced well, but, in the end, there was one winner. And it wasn't the one I would have expected in Week 5.


JR Martinez took home the Mirror Ball Trophy. It was a massive relief to many who were appalled that he was in the running with a pampered Kardashian. During the tense moments between Lake's elimination and the final dances, Twitter went crazy. Some tweets:

Cristina Everett tweeted:

You know the world is messed up when the final two contestants in a popularity contest are a Kardashian & a war veteran #DWTS

Howard Cohen of the Miami Herald tweeted:

#DWTS finale pits someone who's been given a silver spoon his entire life (Rob) vs a man who has known real sacrifice (JR). Hope JR wins.

Luckily all that worry was for naught. JR took home the trophy and it was well-deserved, well-earned, and all was well.

The fact is, even though JR slipped a bit in the end, he was a top contender for most of the 10 weeks of the show. He gave 110 percent and performed some of the most moving dances in the show's history. (His waltz! His waltz!)

It was a season full of high emotions and memorable cast members. And after watching the show for about 10 of the 13 seasons, I can officially say this season blew the others right off the dance floor. It was fantastic and I couldn't be happier with the winner.

JR Martinez all the way!

Were you happy with the results?


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