Justin Bieber's Paternity Test Won't Erase the Scandal

Justin BieberSmart kid, that Justin Bieber. Or at least he's got some smart people advising him. The 17-year-old pop superstar went ahead and took a DNA test on Friday, under "very controlled circumstances" that will make the results difficult to challenge, TMZ reports, in order to prove, once and for all, that he is not Mariah Yeater's baby daddy.

Arguably, the Biebs could have totally blown off the test -- and Yeater's allegations that he fathered her child during a backstage tryst -- given that she recently dropped the paternity suit she had filed against him and that the lawyers representing her have fled the case.


But taking steps to decisively prove that her claims are false is totally the right thing to do. And Bieber would be right to follow up with a defamation suit against Yaeter and her lawyers, as he has reportedly vowed to do, as well.

Bieber really needs to put the whole unpleasant baby-daddy episode behind him as quickly as possible, but he needs to do it with no lingering questions. And if Yaeter's claims prove false, as they seem likely to, she deserves to be unmasked as a liar. Perhaps such a public shaming will send a clear message not just to her, but to other would-be opportunists, too, that making up false claims about anyone -- even a celebrity -- is not OK.

Proving Yaeter wrong will never totally erase the effects of her allegations. Even if we know them to be false, we'll probably never be able to clear those icky details of the sexual encounter she claimed she and Bieber had backstage from our minds: the "aggressive" demeanor, the embarrassingly fast climax. No, his image will never be totally the same. But by taking a test to determine the truth, Bieber is not only taking back control of his public persona, he's taking an important -- perhaps even brave -- stand against dangerous falsehoods.

Do you think Justin Bieber is doing the right thing by taking a DNA test?


Image via jake.auzzie/Flickr

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