Bella's Wedding Gown Knock-Off Is Nicer Than Kate Middleton's Real One (PHOTOS)

twilight wedding dress Breaking Dawn: Part 1 has been out for less than a week in theaters and Bella Swan's highly anticipated wedding dress is already for sale. It's not the exact one that Kristen Stewart wore for her on-screen nuptials with Robert Pattinson. However, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that the replica is even better!

How could it POSSIBLY be better, you wonder? Well, it's only $799. In terms of wedding dress prices these days, that's pocket change! Made by bridal retailer Alfred Angelo, the gown is a copy of the Carolina Herrera design worn in the movie with a GORGEOUS cut-out back featuring lace embellishments, and comes in sizes 0 to 30W.

You know what else this gown trumps? Kate's. Yup. This dress may just be more stunning than Kate Middleton's. Bring it on, haters.


Take a minute to follow me here. While I have an appreciation for Twilight (read: I think Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner are hunks), I'm not really a fan per se. Whereas everyone, everywhere has seen photos of the Duchess in her Alexander McQueen gown, I don't think the same holds true for Bella's. In my eyes, this timeless gown still has the potential to be somewhat your own. For that reason alone, if I had to pick between the two, I'd choose this over Kate's.

I will say that the cut on the front of the Alfred Angelo replica isn't exactly my cup of tea. Let's be real, though, the back detailing certainly makes up for it. Here, let's take a closer look:

Bella Swan Wedding Dress

Stunning, isn't it? I'm not one for lace, but the way that the swirls of material frame the back is just beautiful. And the buttons? Forgettaboutit. I love them! You know what this gown sort of reminds me of? Kim Kardashian's "old Hollywood glam" look from her wedding, but more flattering. The way that the Alfred Angelo gown trumpets out at the bottom really emphasizes a woman's figure.

Nevertheless, I'm not really sure if snagging Bella's signature wedding gown (or Kate's, for that matter) is really up my alley. I want something that's going to be my own on my special day. I wouldn't mind snagging mine for Bella's cheap price tag, though!

What did you think of Bella's wedding gown? Would you buy it for yourself?

Images via Alfred Angelo

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