'DWTS' Recap: Where Did Rob Kardashian Come From?

The finale of Season 13 of Dancing With the Stars has started in a way I would have never expected on Day 1 of this season. Rob Kardashian looks poised to take it all home. Who would have thought?

He was always a middle of the road dancer, but he really pulled it out for the finals, which is kind of the time you want to pull it out, right? His waltz was, as Len put it, "simple and simply beautiful."

And it was. It seemed like this season was going to be a repeat of last season where it was so obvious who would win. But now I am not so sure. A few weeks ago, Len told Nancy Grace she was Cinderella who had stayed too long at the ball. But this week, Carrie Ann Inaba used the same story with a different reference for Rob after his waltz:


You are like the male version of Cinderella .... At first it was boxy. Now it is fluid and flowy. Welcome to the finals!

Indeed, he was good. But it was his freestyle where Kardashian really pulled it out. The freestyle is often where winners are found and Kardashian's freestyle was unreal. Set to "Minnie the Moocher," the dance had style and grace and originality. It was fun and it made me laugh and watch, riveted. It was by far the best dance of the night. It earned a perfect 30.

JR Martinez also had a great freestyle that was entertaining, full of impressive lifts, and earned a perfect 30, but the night really belonged to Kardashian.

Part of Kardashian's success was due to Cheryl Burke's great choreography (incorporating the Charleston was a nice touch!), but most of it was just Rob suddenly deciding to be Dancer (with a capital D!).

What has made him come out from behind so late in the season? Was it because his whole family was sitting there? The entire Kardashian Klan, including newly divorced sister Kim, came out for the show. Or maybe it was just that it took some practice for Rob to make it to the ball. But make it to the ball he has. He is going to be tough to beat.

Were you surprised by how well he did?

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