If Christina Aguilera Is Fat, Then What Are We?

Christina Aguilera's voice has always been large and in charge, but now fans are saying her body matches it. Sunday night's performance at the 2011 American Music Awards was overshadowed by her size, which led to the inevitable "fat" and "pregnant" comments. Get over it, people. She looked good and the backlash has really got to stop.

Aguilera was performing with Maroon 5, singing "Moves Like Jagger" (an aside: Did Jagger really have "moves"?) on Sunday night. She wore a tight Herve Leger bandage dress that showed off her ample curves. Sure, she looked different than teenybopper Aguilera, but she is 30 now. She is a woman and a mother. So, yeah. She looks different.

But the reaction was totally uncalled for. On Twitter, everyone had something to say. Comedian Huggy Lowdown tweeted:


AMAs2011 Christina Aguilera was Rocking a Meatloaf Cummerbund! But her Mammories and Badonka made me want to Do the Discount Double Check!

MikeMikeIrishMusic tweeted:

If the AMAs proved anything last night, it's that Katy Perry and Lady Gaga will inevitably be really fat one day. #Aguilera #Clarkson

Another tweeted:

Is that #Aguilera? She needs to stop dressing like she still a size 2. A few inches longer and maybe another color.

On and on it goes. Maybe it seems OK to some. Aguilera does put herself in the public eye, after all. But calling someone out for being fat and making them feel bad just because they're no longer emaciated doesn't do anything but feed a culture that will continue to cut women down based on size.

She looked good. She looked healthy. She looked voluptuous and grown up. She didn't look fat. What is so wrong with our culture that we have to dismiss and laugh at a woman just because she puts on a few pounds. All those young stars -- Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, and Britney Spears -- aren't so young anymore. All are currently pregnant or already have children, and yes, all are heavier.

So what?

Does it make them sing any worse? If we would collectively agree to stop the fat bashing and quit the meanness, then maybe we could help real women hate their bodies just a little less. My guess is 10 million women looked at Aguilera and thought: "Well, if she is fat, then what am I?" No one needs to put up with that or feel that way.

She's not fat. And even if she were, it doesn't make her any less talented. So shut up and listen to the music. Just like you would if it were a man up there.

Do you think Aguilera looked terrible?


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