A Kate Middleton Jewelry Trend Even Her Worshippers Can't Get Behind

kate middletonWe all know that Kate Middleton possesses an uncanny ability, more so than any other "celebrity" today, to influence style, beauty, and fashion. If Duchess Catherine wears a certain dress, it sells out in minutes. If she dons nude tights, nude tights start selling like hot cakes. Her hair? Well, let's not even talk about her hair, because it's a textbook fact that everybody wants it. But, going beyond her ability to sell dresses and tights and blowouts, did you know that Kate Middleton has single-handedly revived the sapphire industry?

Well, perhaps I'm being a little hyperbolic, but there is truth to that statement. Holiday sales for sapphire rings -- you know, like her engagement ring, which was Diana's -- have skyrocketed. That's some serious clout. Sapphires ain't cheap!


After Prince William proposed to Kate with his mother's Ceylon blue-sapphire engagement ring, a Sri Lankan marketing company made that the centerpiece of their campaign. Since then, gem exports have jumped 37 percent. The National Gem and Jewellery Authority says the value totals $77 million so far this year, boosted by Middle East demand for blue sapphires.

Now, I love everything about Kate Middleton just as much as the next gal -- and I'll admit, I may have bought a dress or a blazer because it evoked a certain "Duchess-ness" to me. But going balls to the wall and buying a sapphire ring is where I draw the line. And not just because I can't afford a sapphire ring.

Sapphire rings -- big ones, like Kate's -- just don't seem appropriate for people who aren't royalty. I'm not trying to sound like an elitist or anything, but is it not true? Could you imagine walking around town with a ring like Kate's? I certainly couldn't. I mean, I can't imagine walking around town in a big, fat diamond either, but, I don't know, seems a little more appropriate. Probably because it's less ... regal, less high-falutin'. 

So, for me personally, I'll continue to try to secretly emulate Kate's classy, conservative style and her bouncy-bounce mane, but I'm going to have to draw the line at sapphire rings. Unless I got one as a present.

Would ever buy an expensive ring because a celebrity had it?


Image via lwpkommunikacio/Flickr

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