4 'Glee' Couples That Could Be Tying the Knot

glee engagement ringI couldn't be more excited that we're approaching the Glee holiday episode in just a few weeks. You know what that means, dontchya?! The season of giving (and receiving) is in full swing! 

SPOILER ALERT: Rumor has it that someone from McKinley is going to be a doing a little festive shopping at Zales come December in episode nine, "Extraordinary Merry Christmas," and that someone is spending some cash.

While we may not know exactly who's buying what, I have a few ideas myself. The first involving Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) and a certain ginger guidance counselor.

Read on to see what gleeks I think are about to get serious:


Who: Mr. Schuester for Emma (Jayma Mays)
An engagement ring
After watching Will meet Emma's parents earlier this season and expressing his love for their daughter, it would seem only natural for the two teachers to head down the aisle at some point. This idea seems a little expected, but it doesn't mean I wouldn't love it!

Who: Finn (Cory Monteith) for Rachel (Lea Michele)
A promise ring
Things are heating up for Finchel. With college looming in the not-too-distant future, Finn giving the songbird a promise ring makes sense. Could this mean that the two decide on colleges that are far from one another, and the ring is supposed to "keep them connected"? Hmmm, it could. In my experience, the ring's gonna have to be a looker for that to actually work.

Who: Santana (Naya Rivera) for Brittany (Heather Morris)
A necklace
Santana loves Brit, and knows that the real way to a girl's heart is through expensive jewelry. I have a feeling the head of the Cheerios has great taste in gems.

Who: Puck (Mark Salling) for Shelby (Idina Menzel)
A locket
Puck is really trying to woo Ms. Corcoran, and she's not exactly pushing him away. In his attempts to persuade her into his arms, Puck could buy her a locket filled with pictures of Beth (Puck's daughter) and the two of them together inside.

Who do you think is shopping at Zales?

Image via base2wave/Flickr

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