Kristin Cavallari & Mila Kunis Had No Choice But to Attend Marine Ball

kristin cavallariThere's a hot, new trend that's sweeping our fine nation, and in order to take part in it, you have to either be good looking and famous or in the Marines. You know what I'm talking about: Celebs attending balls with the brave men and women who are serving our country.

First, there was Justin Timberlake, who appeared on the arm of Cpl. Kelsey De Santis at the Marine Corps Ball in Richmond, Virginia. And now there are his Friends With Benefits co-star Mila Kunis and reality show alum Kristin Cavallari, who attended the same ball in Greenville, North Carolina, with Sgt. Scott Moore and Lance Cpl. Jonathan Burkett, respectively.

Pretty amazing, huh? I mean, these men and women risk their lives for our nation, the least they can get is a smokin' hot date in return. But let's be honest: Could any of these celebrities ever say no to a Marine without being completely and totally hated?


Now, I don't doubt that, for the most part, these celebrities wanted to attend the ball with a Marine -- they seem like nice folk, especially Timberlake, who seemed to be really moved by the whole experience. But, at the same time, it's really good, really positive PR for them -- and the converse would be true, as well. Could you imagine the horrible PR these stars would receive if they turned a Marine down? Remember when Mila Kunis kind of, sort of backed out of the ball for a minute shortly after being asked? It wasn't pretty.

So, here's what I think: From now on, all single Marines should make a YouTube video asking their dream celebrity to the ball -- no matter how far-fetched they think their shot. As we've learned from Justin, Mila, and Kristin, odds are whoever they ask is going to say yes, for they would look bad, very bad if they didn't. So, go on, men and women, start thinking about next year's ball and the super hot date you want to bring. Chances are, it'll come to fruition. And that's just awesome because you deserve it.

Who would your celebrity dream date be?


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