'Sister Wives' Recap: Strippers, Anti-Depressants & 'Shameless' Flirting

sister wives vegasWhoa! I think I need a neck brace, cause tonight's Sister Wives gave me whiplash! First everybody was downright giddy over the first official girls' night ever for all four wives (more later on that wild and crazy evening of ... er ... giggles), then they were pouring their hearts out on the couch about the tremendous amount of stress they deal with every day, then Kody was all hyped up on goofballs over his not-first, non-official guys' night, then the wives were crying again, this time at the gym (except for one wife, who was too busy flirting!).

Sheesh! No wonder Christine is on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds

(So that's what always made me think of her as The Well-Adjusted Wife!)


Christine is actually weaning herself off the medication she started taking when a bad case of the baby blues (following Truely's birth) coincided with the addition of wife #4 and a federal investigation into their family. (Good lord, it's a miracle she wasn't washing down the pills with gin! I don't think I'd be planning on weaning myself off of anything just yet if I were in her shoes.)

Anyway, I'm proud of Christine for talking about the experience on TV. The more we can do to get rid of the moms-aren't-supposed-to-ask-for-help stigma, the better.

But there's one mom in particular who I'm really hoping takes Christine's message to heart, and that's Meri. It was heartbreaking to watch her cry, frustrated with herself for not being able to "let go" of the difficulties she has dealing with her family's uniquely challenging lifestyle. (Honey, you shouldn't HAVE to let go! But I digress.)

At least Meri and Co. had fun on their non-drinking, non-gambling ladies' night in Vegas. Until, that is, they came across some exotic dancers on tables. Look away, look away! It was like watching a scene from a teen movie: Shy girl accidentally walks into the boys' locker room, blushes, covers her eyes.

Amusing, at least. Though I'm not sure if I believe Christine was actually scandalized. Because later on when the wives were at the gym with their personal trainer, we found out that Christine (according to Kody's assessment) is a "shameless flirt."

Oh yeah, that girl has NO shame! I think I even saw her tap the trainer dude on the shoulder.

Meanwhile Meri and Janelle (not Robyn, who has the pregnant excuse and still manages to be skinny) were bumming out big time because the weigh-in ended up being a huge disappointment.

There goes that mood pendulum swinging again ...

I'm just hoping next week's season finale (the arrival of baby Solomon!) is less of a roller-coaster ride. I don't think I can go through this again.

What was the most surprising thing you learned about the Browns tonight?


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