Bella's 'Twilight' Wedding Dress Isn't a Dream Come True

bella swan at her weddingForget Kate Middleton. Kim Kardashian who? Up until today, Twilight fans have only been fantasizing about the wedding dress of one heroine: Bella Swan. There's been CRAZY speculation for months. Who would design it? Would it look like something out of Jane Austen's time, as described in the book? Would it be sexy, classic, vintage, Vera Wang?

Well, we learned back in the summer that the designer of the dress was going to be Carolina Herrera, which sounded like kind of a snooze-fest, but we were still hopeful. Only now, with the premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part 1, will we finally see what Mrs. Cullen really wore on her walk down the aisle.


As Stephenie Meyer herself described it, the dress was an "interesting mix." A "vintage feel," with "an edge to it." But see, to me, a mix would mean those two things sort of brought together in a unique fusion. As far as I can tell, a fusion this wedding dress was not.

To me, it actually looks like TWO different dresses -- like it wanted to be vintage in the back and modern or sort of disco-era '70s, early '80s in the front. Yeah, the back is all translucent lace with a string of small white buttons, almost down to the small of the back ... ahhhhh-mazing! The sleeves echo this vintage-y element as well, as they're done in lace. But the front comes off looking like an almost Lycra-esque material, with geometric stitching -- kinda like something out of Saturday Night Fever. Very sleek, straight up and down, which I guess works for KStew's long, thin figure, but ... I just wasn't blown away. In fact, I thought it was a major bummer. Coulda been more romantic, sexier, something ... 

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Ahh, well. My disappointment the dress was all but forgotten when the wedding scene turned into a complete whimsical fantasy come to life, a complete Bella-Edward blissfest. Dress shmess! Who cares! Those two are so in love, they would have been beautiful wearing whatever. Still ... when it comes tot the award for the fairy tale wedding gown that actually lived up to the hype? I think the Duchess of Cambridge will have no trouble laying claim to that.

If you saw Breaking Dawn, what did you think about Bella's dress? If not, what did you hope it was going to look like?


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