PETA Billboard Makes Kim Kardashian Look Bad (in a Good Way)

kim kardashian fur
Is that skirt real Yeti fur?
Guess who's hitting Kim Kardashian when she's already down from negative publicity over her divorce announcement and the boycott? PETA: The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals is planning to post an anti-fur billboard in LA that makes Kim look like a real-life Cruella De Vil!

The billboard puts pictures of cute fox babies next to a photo of Kim in what looks like fox fur. Blazing across are the words, "Kim: These babies miss their mother. IS SHE ON YOUR BACK?" GEE PETA, THINK THAT SIGN IS A LITTLE TOO SUBTLE??? Kim is one of PETA's favorite punching bags. And by the way -- the photo they used is from 2007.

But I think Kim can turn all this negative publicity around. We've got the makings here for America's New Bad Girl. Just in time for Kim to take New York City! Perfect.


So far Kim Kardashian has pretty much been about clothes, shoes, jewelry, hair, tanning, manicures, and moneeeeeey. She's a lot of fun -- but she's not exactly deep. That's part of her charm (ummm, right?). But what if she started embracing her dark side! Can't you just see it? "Kim Kardashian: Heartbreaker, fur-flaunter, black nail polish-wearer!" On second thought, maybe we need something else to really push the bad-girl image. What could that be?

Should she take a page out of Lindsay Lohan's book? No -- I'm going to rule out substance abuse. No one wants to see more of that. And if she crashes cars, she could die, so that's no good. So what else is there? Cheating on her taxes! No, boring ... becoming a mob boss! No, too illegal. Kicking puppies! No -- that would definitely backfire. I know!!! -- dating professional meanie Newt Gingrich! No, too ... icky. Let's see, that leaves showing up for appearances hours late and shoplifting (hello, Winona Ryder!). 

Then again, according to Rihanna's song, "Bad Girl" being a BG amounts to paying retail for designer clothes, which ... is already what Kim does. So, Operation Kim Kardashian Bad Girl Makeover -- Mission Accomplished! Thank you, PETA, our work here is done. 

Do you think PETA's Kim-bashing billboard will help her or hurt her image?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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