'Breaking Dawn: Part 1' Delivers on All Fronts (SPOILERS)

Bella and Edward begin their honeymoon breaking dawn review
Bella and Edward begin "forever" together
Twilight fans, rejoice! The dawn has finally come -- Breaking Dawn: Part 1, that is, which is NOW in theaters. You don't have to wait a moment more to see everything you've been waiting for MONTHS ... possibly even years -- depending on when you read the books -- to see. The wedding (!), the sex scene (!!!), Edward and Bella becoming parents to an eerily beautiful baby girl, etc.

The masterminds behind the flick have been whetting our appetites for all of this for quite some time, which definitely begs the question reviews (like this one!) have to tackle ... could Breaking Dawn ever possibly live up to the hype? 

Well, you can find out right now ... below the jump, where there are WARNING: HUGE SPOILERS! If you'd rather not have any details on Breaking Dawn before seeing it yourself, do NOT read more! But if you're curious, go right on ahead ...


YES, Breaking Dawn definitely lives up to the hype. I have to say the flick delivered on all fronts for Twi-Hards ... and even for those of us who are more, let's say, fair-weather fans. It stayed true to the book -- sans some smaller aspects (sorry, there's no garter removal at the wedding). The biggest general takeaway for me was how absolutely breathtakingly vivid the entire film is from start to finish. Just about every scene is gorgeous or grotesque in a way that will haunt you for hours after you leave the theater.

The wedding was by far my favorite part. You may have caught a glimpse from some sneak peek shots that Edward and Bella say their "I do"s among cascades of lush white flowers. Well, let me tell you -- it is AWESOME! Everything and everyone fades into oblivion as the two are pronounced hubby and wife and kiss (and kiss and kiss and kiss), and that moment might just be the most romantic in all of Twilight history ... and the dress?! Well, Bella looks beautiful, but the dress (which we know will go down in movie wedding dress history no matter what) didn't blow me away. The back of the dress -- antique lace and beading -- was out of this world, but the slim, shiny, almost '70s-ish design of the front was, I'm sorry to say, kind of a letdown. Not exactly Jane Austen-esque, as described in the book. And speaking of letdowns ... 

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Once the two are off on their honeymoon on Isle Esme -- another incredibly beautiful place you never want to take your eyes off of -- it's TIME for the couple to FINALLY (!!!) make love. But you know how we got the preview of the close-up shots and Edward breaking the bed? Yeeeeeah ... that's pretty much all there is to the sex scene. It's really anticlimatic (ha ha, no pun intended). But you're still treated to chemistry galore as the two spend their not-so-sexy, but definitely lovey-dovey first days together as newlyweds. Obviously, we know RPattz and KStew can pull off those sparks like few on-screen couples, being that they are just as in love as the characters they're playing! And that definitely makes the film come alive in a vibrant way.

As far as performances go, I gotta give Taylor Lautner props, too, for really stepping into the shoes of an older, wiser, uber-protective Jacob. Although there's only the one shirtless scene (sorry, Team Jacob!), he doesn't disappoint as he portrays Jake striking out on his own and starting his own pack in order to guard Bella and the baby.

But when Bella first realizes she's pregnant, that vibrancy of the film takes a turn for the super-dark and stomach-turning. Oh man! If you cringed while reading about how the pregnancy destroyed Bella's body "from the inside out," you're going to FREAK when you see all of those terrifying details play out on the big screen. I've never seen Rosemary's Baby, but I can't imagine that being as bad as this. After two weeks of carrying the fetus (as Alice puts it) we know will be Renesmee, Bella has never looked more horrific. By the time the labor sets in (something out of a horror film, I'm telling you, I was not prepared for the terror of this scene), she's all gray, paper-thin skin and bones. Even though drinking blood out of a soda cup (grosssssss!!!) helped her recover a bit.

And the birth scene? Pretty much any woman's WORST nightmare! Hey, they definitely did the book justice, because that's what it's supposed to look like, right?

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But the reward for watching that horror show is getting to see Renesmee. I'm sure they used computer effects to make the baby's eyes do that dark vampire glimmer, but even aside from that, she's so gorgeous! We first see her head-on while Rosalie is cradling her by the fire post-birth, and Jacob enters the room to take her out, only to automatically imprint on her (which I thought was done in the best way possible -- he sees her entire future in her eyes, then drops to his knees, which, okay, is a bit dramatic, but what did you expect?). That scene alone -- the visions of an older Renesmee -- are enough to make you start counting the months, days, hours 'til Part 2 comes out!

And the end? Absolutely brilliant ... they cut right as Bella comes "back to life" as a vampire -- close-up on her beautiful, creepy, red eyes flashing open. OMG!!! Chills!

So, if you couldn't tell, a true fan couldn't possibly be disappointed. Breaking Dawn is everything you want it to be ... and maybe more. In fact, it might just be the most perfect Twilight flick yet.  

Are you going to see Breaking Dawn? Do you think it sounds like it lives up to the hype?


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