5 'Twilight' Vacations Only a Twi-Hard Could Love

Ever since the Twilight books came to life on the big screen, Twi-hards have been daydreaming about packing their bags and jetting off on an exotic trip to the majestic Pacific Northwest, among other locations made glam by the story of Bella, Edward, and Jacob.


It's kinda funny, but places you'd never in a million years dream about vacay-ing in have seen a SURGE in Twilight-flavored tourism. And being that the happy newlyweds jet off on their honeymoon in Breaking Dawn: Part 1, now there are even more vampire-lovin' locales to pick from for a full-on Twilight vacation, or Twi-cation (yes, it's something that totally exists!). Here, the top Twi-licious picks ...

  1. Forks & LaPush, Washington - The town that's the main setting for the epic tale is a given. Ever since Stephenie Meyer set her story there, the area has seen a major uptick in visitors. Sometimes THOUSANDS descend upon the towns in a day! Whoa! If you want to get your photo taken with some of those big beautiful trees, on the beach where Jacob hangs, or beside Bella's truck, this is the spot.
  2. Paratay, Brazil - This little island "stars" as Isle Esme in Breaking Dawn: Part 1, the place where Edward and Bella consummate their marriage. You can actually rent Bella and Edward's beachfront honeymoon home for just under $4K a night, or head out to Mamangua Tropical Fjord and Taquari Waterfall.
  3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - The bustling South American city is where Bella and Edward first land when they're on their way out to Isle Esme. You can make like the Cullens by grabbing your honey and kissing 'em in a crowd!
  4. Volterra, Tuscany, Italy - How 'bout a little wine tasting paired with some Volturi sightseeing? The town even has a clock tower, like the one Meyer describes in New Moon. But if you want to see where the scenes from the film were actually shot, you gotta venture off to Montepulciano, where the crew built the water fountain that Bella ran through to get to Edward.
  5. Squamish, British Columbia, Canada - Just outside the pristine Northwestern city of Vancouver in Squamish was where Kristen and Robert filmed their "I do"s. After you see the wedding scene in Breaking Dawn, I bet you'll want to grab a map and venture out into the secluded Canadian woods, too!   

So many options, eek, how will you ever choose just one!? Maybe a world Twilight tour is in order ...

Would you ever go on a Twi-cation?


Image via Nick Fox/shutterstock

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