We Love Lady Gaga Most When She Scares Babies

lady gagaLike whiskey and prescriptions pills, Lady Gaga and babies do not mix. On Wednesday in London, a fan asked Gaga to hold her baby for a picture but ... things didn't really go as planned. Looks like the infant had a mild meltdown in the pop star's presence. I'm sure Lady Gaga is used to fans bursting into tears when they meet her, but this was very, very different. Loissa, the poor little girl, looked terrified. But who can blame her! Gaga may play Mother Monster to all her little ones out there, but when it comes to the toddler and younger set, she might as well be a real monster. Between the spiked clothing, dark sunglasses, huge hats, and exaggerated makeup, Gaga's a regular old scary clown as far as infants are concerned.

And I hope she doesn't change a gosh darn thing.


Until she's ready to have children of her own, I think we all want Gaga to remain true to herself by wearing outrageous and provocative outfits that make us go "Wow!" and babies go "Waaah!" If she scares babies, so be it! We want our favorite singer to be who she is and not change one bit until she's ready.

Of course we feel bad for the horrified babies out there, but I think they'll eventually understand that Gaga's not trying to scare them, that she's really a wonderful performer who makes a lot of people happy. And maybe one day we can all have a glass of milk together with our kids and laugh about the time Lady Gaga scared the crap out of them. Literally.

Do you still love Gaga even though she frightens babies?


Photo via Splash News

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