Kate Middleton Pregnancy Might Be Royals' Biggest Secret

Kate MiddletonMaybe Kate Middleton's refusal to eat that peanut butter the other week really did mean something after all! In Touch magazine is reporting that a "palace insider" who has "correctly revealed other royal secrets" says Prince William and his wife are, in fact, expecting a little royal ... in a bit less than eight months. That's right, according to the magazine's source, Kate Middleton is now about six weeks pregnant with the couple's first child!

The relative newlyweds are said to be already at work on the royal nurseries (there will be three, in as many palaces and cottages) and thinking about names: "Something traditional," the source says, adding that William, especially, is hoping for a girl, who, according to new equal-opportunity rules, would be as eligible to inherit the throne as a firstborn boy.


The palace, for its part, is playing it cagey, refusing to confirm or deny. But really, a new baby, a little royal baby, with a future claim to the crown, would be exciting news indeed!

Of course, if she does, in fact, have a royal bun in the royal oven, Kate will have to go through the royal trials and tribulations of her royal pregnancy first: the royal hormone surges, the royal sleeping challenges, the royal pains in the ... well ... who can predict where she'll feel those royal pains? All of our pregnancies are special in their own royally distinct ways, I suppose. At least Kate will have her royal staff to do her royal pregnant bidding -- the emergency royal ice-cream, ginger ale, and saltine runs to the all-night grocery that's closest to the palace, for instance.

But if true, the rumors mean that we'll have a new cute, plump, mini royal to watch grow -- from birth to christening to a host of other life-cycle events -- over the coming years. Kate and Will's happy news (if and when they make it official) would be happy news for us all. Royal mazel tovs all around!



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