Kate Middleton’s Engagement Was the First Day of the Rest of My Life

kate middleton & prince williamA year ago yesterday, Wednesday, November 16, the world, my world, was forever changed. Prince William of Wales asked his longtime girlfriend, Catherine Middleton, for her hand in marriage. Nothing's been the same since.

Truth be told, as big of a Wills and Kate fan that I am, I actually just learned that it was their engagement anniversary today. See, typically, my computer is glued to my arm, but yesterday, I spent the majority of my day under a blanket nursing a cold. And I feel bad about that. Who the hell did I think I was being sick -- not observing such a momentous occasion? It's inexcusable, and I'm sure the Queen is displeased.

So, in an effort to right things between the royal family and me, I composed a letter, a heartfelt one, at that, to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.



Dear Duke and Duchess of Cambridge:

First, may I offer my deepest condolences for failing to take part in yesterday's occasion. I was under the weather, and the date managed to escape me. Sincere apologies. Please don't expect the same uncouth behavior from me next year. Second, I'd like to offer an equally heartfelt "congratulations" on the one-year anniversary of your engagement.

I can imagine yesterday was a special day for you both. It was the day you decided to spend the rest of your lives together. But, it was also, not to get competitive, the first day of the rest of my life.

Truth be told, I always found you, Prince William, to be a rather handsome and dashing man. But I never really focused on you, I never really Googled you until you slipped your mother's beautiful engagement ring on Ms. Middleton's hand.

That day, two became one. Or three became one, if you count me. The impact of the two of you (three of us) have together is bigger than anything any single celebrity -- or other famous couple, for that matter -- could generate (maybe save for Brad and Angelina). We've created something intangible, something unattainable. We've made a real life Disney cartoon come to life. That happens but once in a lifetime, if we're lucky.

I know you haven't the faintest of ideas of who I am, but watching the two of you throughout the past year has had an indescribable impact on my life. Never mind the royal wedding (heaven!), I've picked up style tips from you, Duchess Catherine; I've learned more about both your siblings than I know about my own; and you've provided me with an endless string of material to write about at work each day. I wish I could return to you what you've given me. (Do you like shih tzu puppies?)

So, to you, dear William and Kate, I tip my hat. Or curtsy. Or do whatever the proper protocol for royalty is. (A hand kiss?) You have taken the ordinary, hum-ho, often trashy world of celebrity and restored some class into it. You've made it exciting again. Thank you. I love you.

All My Love Always,




Nicole Fabian-Weber

Did William and Kate's engagement change your life?


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