Pippa Middleton Should NOT Wear Leggings (PHOTOS)

pippa middletonEvery morning, when Pippa Middleton goes to work, an impromptu fashion show ensues -- whether she likes it or not. Like clockwork, the paparazzi gather 'round when "her royal hotness" makes her way into the office; hours later, fashion and gossip blogs are abuzz with photos and commentary on what Kate's little sister is wearing.

Typically, Pippa's seen in cute little dresses and smart blazers with a fashion bag in tow. And everybody loves it! But the other day, Ms. Middleton committed a cardinal fashion no-no: She wore leggings as pants.







I mean, yes, she has a fantastic body and can totally pull off leggings as pants, but still -- doesn't mean she should. It looks sort of weird, sort of half-together, sort of '80s. See?

pippa middleton

Now don't get me wrong, I love me some leggings. Seriously, I do. I have many a pair in rotation, but I never just wear them with a short shirt and jacket. There needs to be something long, something that covers stuff up. You can't just be all out there like that. It's a little, dare I say, vulgar.

I will totally wear leggings -- especially the shiny ones! -- with a short-ish shirt (I.E., one that only goes a bit past my hips), but I'll always pair it with a loose, longer cardigan, so at least my butt is covered. I know, Pippa has, like, the world's greatest bottom and all, but I'm sticking to my guns on this one: Leggings as pants = not cute.

Are you pro-leggings as pants?


Image via Splash

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