Ricky Gervais Returns as Golden Globes Host -- Hooray! (VIDEO)

Ricky GervaisGreat news! It turns out we Americans have a sense of humor after all. Or at least the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is going to give us another chance to prove we do. Yep, the HFPA, the organization that puts on the most interesting awards show each year -- There's eating! There's drinking! There's table-hopping! -- has revealed that the host of the upcoming Golden Globes will again be (for the third year running) edgy funnyman Ricky Gervais.

Those of you who are the sort to remember such things will recall that, last year, the HFPA fielded more than a few complaints about Gervais's controversial hosting style. At the time, even the organization itself conceded that the British comedian "pushed the envelope and occasionally went too far" with his jokes.


But, as a quick look at the highlight reel below makes abundantly clear to anyone who has forgotten, Gervais was F-U-N-N-Y hosting the Globes last year! (Watch all the way to the end: He signs off by thanking God ... for making him an atheist. That's just hilarious, no matter how you slice it.)

Listen, I can understand why Robert Downey, Jr., who probably got the worst of it, called Gervais "mean-spirited" right there onstage in the middle of the Globes, but most of Gervais's targets were fair game (Charlie Sheen? Mel Gibson? I mean, come on!) and most of his jokes went right up to the line (that edge is key to comedy) without actually going over it. He made the show worth watching. I, for one, am thrilled not only that the HPFA is giving Gervais another chance, but that Gervais (who had previously indicated he was not interested in another go as host) is giving Hollywood and the rest of us another opportunity to prove we can laugh at ourselves and our glittery sacred cows.

So let's all give Gervais a warm welcome back as host of the Golden Globes. He alone will be reason enough to tune in on January 15, making all of us, in a way, Golden Globe winners.

Are you excited to hear that Ricky Gervais will return as host of the Golden Globes?


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