'Breaking Dawn' Will Seriously Disappoint Team Jacob (SPOILERS)

taylor lautner teaser trailerThe premiere of Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is upon us ... in less than 24 hours! Squeee!! Having seen an advanced screening, I'm honestly freakin' a little bit that I can't gush about everything all at once just yet, but I can discuss something that applies mostly to y'all who identify yourselves as Team Jacob. Mostly because Taylor Lautner himself brought it up, and for mega-fans of the hottest werewolf in Forks, this is MUST-KNOW information!

Basically, there's a moment in the flick you've all been waiting for that you're gonna LOVE ... but also probably be extremely annoyed with at the same time! If you're curious what that could possibly be, read on, but WARNING, it definitely is a SPOILER!


Alright, so if you've come this far, I guess I can tell you ...

You know the scene in the Breaking Dawn teaser trailer where Jacob gets his invite to the wedding, and he darts FURIOUSLY out of the house ... and gets shirtless, of course? Here's the clip, in case you need a refresher on this, or you just want to watch it again (you know you do!).

Well, I'm sorry to be the bearer of this bad, bad news, but the above shirtless clip of Jacob? Yeah, it's the ONLY scene in which Lautner goes top-free ... in the entire almost two-hour flick. Wah wah. I know. That may mean some of you can stay home now. Way disappointing!

Turns out Taylor himself made a major play to make sure he wasn't just a piece of man eye candy this time around. He recently told MTV:

I got it down to one time, one time in the movie, and it literally lasts for two seconds. There was some negotiating for sure, oh yeah. There were more [shirtless scenes] when I read the original script, trust me. And I got it down to a very, very small amount, which I was so happy with.

What the hell! Does he really care so little about his fan following that he fought to cover up his abs of steel? Lame-o!! Yeah, apparently, it's not that he's modest ... it's that he was COLD. He elaborated, "It's just so I don't have to freeze to death while I'm filming this movie ... it's uncomfortable!" Hasn't this guy ever heard of toughin' it out? Taking one for the team??

Ah well, I'm sure the truest of true Jacob fans will understand. They know the guy's been through enough already and wouldn't want their fave wolf-man to have been shivering up there in the woods!

Are you disappointed by Breaking Dawn's lack of shirtless action?

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