Even the Muppets Are Twi-Hards! (PHOTOS)

kermit vampireI thought Breaking Dawn fever was about as high as it could possibly get -- but I was wrong! Remember how you felt when your grandma confessed to being a closet Twi-Hard? At first you were surprised and then you were like, "Hey, that's pretty cool!"

Well, get ready to feel that way all over again. Because grandmas aren't the only unlikely Twi-Hards out there ... even puppets can be obsessed with Edward, Bella, and Jacob!

Naturally I'm not just talking about any old puppets. The Muppets are Twi-Hards!

Now that I think of it, Kermit & Co. have always had their fingers on the pulse of pop culture, so I guess this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. And Kermie wears the fangs quite well, don't you think?

Just wait until you see Miss Piggy ...




As Bella Swine!!! Bella Swine. Brilliant, right?

miss piggy

And isn't Rowlf just so incredibly perfectly cast as Jacob?? Although I must admit I never really picked up on any vibe between Rowlf and Piggy, if you catch my drift. Still, if Taylor Lautner were a puppet? He'd totally be Rowlf.


Which movie do these pics make you want to see more: The Muppets or Breaking Dawn?


Images via Disney

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