Marcel the Shell With Shoes On and His 7 Secret Lessons in Zen (VIDEO)

marcel the shellIt's a dark, rainy day here in New York City, but lo! A ray of sunlight breaks from the clouds -- it is the wee, charming Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, back with a second video!

He arrives, panting, all the way from the water bottle, to chat with us all about his Zen-like philosophy on life, nicknames, and why he smiles all the time. Here's a few golden nuggets of wisdom I picked up from Marcel.


1. It's the journey, not the destination. Marcel has a car, but he can't exactly drive it wherever he wants to go because it's a bug. "If you do drive a bug, you have to be pretty easygoing because you're only gonna get to go where the bug wants to go," he says. One day there was some spilled maple syrup on the kitchen floor and the bug just kept returning to the kitchen. "Really, what you just have to wanna do is take a ride."

2. You can learn from just about anything. Marcel admits he doesn't read the newspaper because he doesn't get one. Instead, he reads receipts -- which are a little more his size, anyway. "I like to get a feel for daily life." He will also turn book pages for you, though it takes a lot of work and grunting. Then he says, "Read on!"

3. Share life's luxuries. Marcel went to a fancy hotel once. They had a muffin for a bed! But he shared the muffin bed with seven friends.

4. You can't give yourself a nickname. Marcel wants a nickname, but he knows better than to ask for one. "You can't make it [a nickname] for yourself like you can make yourself a new hairstyle. But you can't say, well, now I go by the name The General, or whatever." Just in case you were wondering, if Marcel did have a nickname, he would like it to be Ace.

5. Dogs' faces smell. Marcel discovered this when he was hiding from the dog and the dog was sniffing around his hiding place. "Oh God, I can smell his face!"

6. It's all about your perspective. Marcel lost his sister to a balloon accident. Apparently she just floated away when someone asked her to hold a balloon. This is how we got the saying, "Marisa's Law." Was Marcel sad to lose his sister? "It was pretty hard at the time, but now I always think, oh, well, you know, she's travelling."

7. Just smile a lot. "Guess why I smile a lot," says Marcel. 'Why?" asks the cameraman (whose nickname is Windy). "Ah, cause it's worth it."

What's your favorite line from the new Marcel the Shell With Shoes On video?

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