'Mirror, Mirror' Will Get Smashed by 'Snow White & the Huntsman' (VIDEO)

mirror mirrorIt's not that Mirror, Mirror looks like a bad movie, necessarily. In fact, I liked the just-released trailer for the Julia Roberts vehicle more than I thought I would. It's a campy, cute retelling of Snow White, and Roberts as the Evil Queen reminds me a bit of Glenn Close as Cruella De Vil (though I really, really wish Julia would pick an accent and stick with it. Is the queen British? No, now it sounds like she's from Jersey. Wait, she's British again. What's the deal?).

But as pleasant as Mirror, Mirror may or may not turn out to be, there's no question that Snow White & the Huntsman is gonna give viewers more bang for their fairytale buck. And not just because Kristen Stewart is white hot right now (though that certainly doesn't hurt).

Here are 5 reasons why Snow White & the Huntsman is going to smash Mirror, Mirror to smithereens at the box office ...

  1. Julia Roberts doing the funny thing is no match for Charlize Theron doing the evil thing. Seriously, which would you rather see on the big screen?
  2. Thor is in Snow White & the Huntsman. Okay, his name is actually Chris Hemsworth. Except we know he's Thor, and he's gonna look damn hot chasing KStew around the forest!
  3. Lily Collins is lovely, really she is. But Kristen Stewart was born to play Snow White! Just look at the girl!
  4. Kristen Stewart's Snow White carries a sword. Lilly Collins' Snow White wears a swan on her head (watch the trailer, you'll see). 'Nuff said.
  5. On a hot/steamy scale of 1 to 10, Mirror, Mirror looks like it might rate about a 2. Snow White & the Huntsman? At least an 8. (Thor!)

Check out the trailer for Mirror, Mirror ...

Which Snow White flick would you rather see?

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