'DWTS' Results Recap: Ricki Lake for the Win!

The semifinal competition of Dancing With the Stars ended with no surprises Tuesday night. The person most likely to go home did so and the remaining three are exactly who they should be. At last, all is right in the DWTS universe.

This isn't to say that the show was without drama. The Spotlight Dance on Tuesday night was a group of dancing boys from Brockton, Massachusetts. The boys spoke of the prejudice they encountered as boys who dance in their studio called Sherry Gold. They were good, though. And as they danced to "How Do You Like Me Now" with four very hot women dancers, it was clear: They win! Who doesn't love a story like that?

Sadly, the person who went home Tuesday night was also well aware of gender stereotypes.


Soccer star Hope Solo was sent packing in the semifinals, and while she will certainly be missed, she was the right person to go.

Solo spent much of the season frustrated, it seems. Between her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy's outbursts and fights with the judges and her obvious (and somewhat detrimental) perfectionist streak, Solo wasn't always happy on the show. But she did a great job.

As we near the end (next week is the finale), Solo should be very proud of herself. She told off all the naysayers who said she wasn't girly enough or was too competitive or muscular. She made it down to the final four. For a woman who has never danced, that is pretty impressive.

I tip my hat to Solo. We will miss her, but the show must go on. To the finale we go! My money is on Ricki Lake.

Who do you think will win next week?


Image via ABC

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