Anti Kardashian Activists Need to Change the Channel

Kim KardashianThere are important fights we must fight as citizens of this great nation of ours -- valiant and noble fights that keep our status as the land of the free and the home of the brave (cue the patriotic music). Somehow I don't think a coup against the Kardashians is in the same class, but you wouldn't know it by the fervor with which thousands are attacking the famous family.

It seems citizens across the nation are organizing and coming together to take the family down in the wake of Kim Kardashian's 72-day marriage to Kris Humphries. My first question: Don't they have anything better to do? And my second: No really, who has this much time on their hands?

Cyndy Snider is one of them and has organized an online petition asking E! to remove the family from the airwaves. She already has collected more than 26,000 signatures and is passionately devoted to keeping the Kardashians down. She said in a statement:


We feel that these shows are mostly staged and place an emphasis on vanity, greed, promiscuity, vulgarity, and over-the-top conspicuous consumption.

And she can't just change the channel because ... why? Oh that's right, because most of the other channels are filled with exactly the same thing. Snider, who says it's not a fight due to religious or political convictions, but rather plain disgust, continued:

While some may have begun watching the spectacle as mindless entertainment or as a sort of 'reality satire,' it is a sad truth that many young people are looking up to this family and are modeling their appearance and behavior after them. I'll remind you here that the Kardashian family fame largely started with a 'leaked' sex tape.

And? Just look away Cyndy, look away.

That's really all the haters need to do -- stop watching and let those of us who like it rot our brains in peace. If no one watches, they'll fade into oblivion and be wearing their leftover Sears clothing for all eternity.

The truth, however, is that these people don't have the willpower on their own to just avoid the Kardashians, which says a lot about the family's pull. I bet at least half of the people who signed the petition won't miss a second of the upcoming season of Kourtney and Kim Take New York, even if they deny it tooth and nail. So really, their activism against the Kardashians is one big endorsement for their irresistibility.

Do you want to see E! take the Kardashians off of the air?

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