Heather Locklear Does What Kim Kardashian Should Have Done

Jack Wagner and Heather LocklearIt's sad but true: Jack Wagner and Heather Locklear have broken off their engagement. Though a reason for the split hasn't been given, her rep confirmed, "They are no longer engaged." And they seemed so happy.

Even though it may be for the best, I immediately feel awful for Heather. She's had such a long and sordid love life, it finally looked like at 50 she had found the one with whom to spend the rest of her life. So it's a bit heartbreaking to think of her starting all over again ... once again.

But you know what, sometimes things don't work out, and it's better to figure that out before you walk down the aisle, make a lifelong commitment to someone, and open all the wedding gifts, like some people. People like, uh, Kim Kardashian, for example.


Incidentally, Jack and Heather got engaged -- after four years of dating -- the same weekend Kim and Kris Humphries got married. Neither the engagement nor the marriage lasted more than three months, but oh how much easier Kim's life would be now if she'd just stuck to the engagement. People offer sympathy when you break off a short engagement; short marriages elicit a whole lot more skepticism and anger, especially in Kim's case.

But she was in a rush. When she spoke to Marie Claire magazine shortly before her wedding, Kardashian said:

We felt like, "Why wait?" It's fun to have a partner who understands your life and lets you be you.

Fun is one thing, but a marriage is another ... or it should be. And I'm pretty confident Kim would say there's not much fun about her life now. Though I don't think there's any real limit on how long one should wait before getting married, it should be long enough to erase any major concerns. And c'mon, Kim had to have some kind of concerns. You don't just decide you're not crazy about someone after 72 days.

So despite the fact that news of Heather and Jack's split makes me extremely sad, it's really for the best that they do it now. Clearly there's some reason for hesitation, and hesitation is whole hell of a lot better than a 72-day marriage.

Are you sad to see Jack Wagner and Heather Locklear end their engagement?

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